First Ultrasound

On Wednesday, in the midst of a blizzard, the snow let up just long enough for us to make the 1 hour trek to the RE. The roads were mostly slush at that point so it wasn’t TOO dangerous. My hubby was sweet enough to “try” to get there even though we thought at some point we would have to turn around. But, we made it there successfully and on time! 🙂

Unfortunately my doctor was in surgery and it was unknown when he would be able to come up to see me. So, I agreed to letting his partner do it.

It was AMAZING to see our little peanut on the screen and see the heart beating away. My hubby just sat there and said “wow.”

They think I am either 6 or 7 weeks along.

Since I haven’t had a regular period since going off BC there is really no way to tell when I ovulated.

The due date that they gave me is June 18th (the day my dad asked my mom to marry him).

I think the due date should actually be a little earlier (because my hubby was OOT) when they say we conceived but I am not sure it really matters. I hear that these babies come whenever they want to and I am fine with that.

I have been feeling pretty crappy the last 2 months and was starting to feel as if there was no end. Thankfully a fellow pregnant friend recommended Sea Bands to me for the constant nausea. I just got them today and already feel much better.



They aren’t the most attractive things but TOTALLY worth it. I wanted to pass it along to all of you so that you will know what to get if you have morning sickness.

And before I go, here is a picture of the little one:



A few days ago (Monday to be exact) I called my RE to let them in on the good news. The nurse was stunned to say the least. Somehow they had written in my chart that I was supposed to take progestrone to have a period in September and start it around the 19th. Somehow that information never got to me. Coincidence, I think not…God knew! The nurse seemed to have a little difficulty absorbing what I was telling her but eventually ordered me some lab work. I appreciate how proactive they are at my office. I guess I should apologize to Kaiser too {for all the mean things I have been known to say about them}.  I had the lab work drawn and even had the opportunity to go to a walk-in flu shot clinic {Kaiser, you are the best!}.

The nurse was supposed to call me the next day but by 3 pm I had not heard a word and they had not released my results to the kaiser online database yet {Kaiser, I hate you}. I was working and had so much fear running through my body. The words “chemical pregnancy” have been haunting me the past few days. But low and behold she called, I AM pregnant and they have no idea how far along {Kaiser, I love you again}. She even scheduled my first ultrasound at the end of October {More lover for Kaiser}. It all still seems so surreal.

Then yesterday, I had anticipated waiting allllllllll, day loooooong again to get the results of my second BHCG. But low and behold, on my way to work (730 am) the RE nurse calls with the results {Now I am considering naming my baby after Kaiser}. I am happy to report that from Monday to Wednesday my level went from 500 to 2000!!!!!!

Its becoming a little less sur-real and more real now and we have started telling family and friends and oh yeah, posting it on Facebook. I KNOW you are “supposed” to wait but I am JUST too excited.

p.s. I would NEVER EVER name my kid Kaiser even if they do decide that I never have to pay for medical treatment again. 😉

  • Thank you ladies for your support these past few months and even being happy for me when you are waiting for your own little ones. I have never met you face-to-face but I do count you as friends.  I am praying for you all. Especially those of you who all seem to be on the 2ww at the same time. Let’s have our own baby-boom next summer! 😉
  • Thank you Metformin. I never thought I would say it but I guess you worked and maybe all that nausea wasn’t completely your fault.
  • Thank you LORD! I am so thankful to you for allowing me to experience pregnancy and the gift of a child. Thank you for walking with me on the hard days, carrying me when I didn’t know if I could walk, and giving me your strength. You are a wonderful God.
  • Thank you to my hubby for bearing with me on the hard, emotional days where I couldn’t see the hope. You are the best husband a girl could ever want. I love you





I never saw it coming…I took the test today because a few days ago I told my mom about all the symptoms I was having {I thought I was about to get my period} and she said that it sounded like I was pregnant.

We all know about the nausea and breast tenderness I have been experiencing {ugh! but now totally worth it}. There has also been weird cravings for Taco Bell, Pickles and random other foods I don’t usually eat. Fatigue has also been a struggle this past week. Today I took 2 naps and still feel exhausted. Then this morning I found a bag of chips I put away in the refrigerator {does pregnancy brain really start this early?}. I have also had constipation. When I Googled symptoms for pregnancy I found all of mine to be on the list but I didn’t anticipate the Metformin to work this early. Wow!

It is still setting in and I keep looking at the two lines over and over again.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, this seems so surreal. 🙂

{p.s. if you are one of the few people who knows who I am and does read this blog, please don’t say anything to anyone since I still need to tell my family. Thanks}

the love I get from this little guy when I am sad always helps 🙂


Water miraculously takes away the nausea feeling and helps me feel a MILLION times better!


I stumbled upon this remedy by chance {I also like to call it divine intervention} when I went to a wedding last weekend. I didn’t drink any pop because I had noticed that it upset my stomach {even diet!}, I didn’t want lemonade {sugar = more insulin} and tea just didn’t sound good.  So water it was. And during the reception I must have been thirsty because I drank about 6 glasses of water.

It wasn’t till later that evening that I noticed I had not felt nauseous the entire day. The next day I tried to intentionally drink water when I felt nauseous and it worked. Ever since I have felt a MILLION times better {did I already say that?}. I have also stayed away from any sort of “sweet’ before bed and have subsequently slept better.

I also noticed that my breasts were very, very tender the last few days. Dare I say that I may get my period in the next couple weeks???? Oh my, maybe, just maybe this Metformin is working. Oh the little gleams of hope I will grab onto–sore breasts, ha!

I am feeling much, much better emotionally.

I feel {dare I say} at peace.

I feel peace about what I am going through.

Peace that the Lord hears me, knows me, loves me.

Peace that someday I will be a mom

I can do this, one day at a time. 🙂

The other day I found out that my cousin got another girl pregnant by accident. He is only 18, on drugs and going to have a baby. Sometimes I can’t believe the irony in life. I WANT a baby and he doesn’t. But then again, there isn’t anything new under the sun. I keep trying to find the contract that I made with God before coming to earth about everything making sense and being fair. But it’s not fair for anyone but I suppose that is what makes it fair. I am learning to be content with that and thankful for what I already have. I am sure that is a life long lesson.

Onto less deep things, but much more nauseating…{not for you, only for me}

metformin is a tricky little medication.

I eat ice cream = nausea

I stay away from sugar = nausea

I eat protein = nausea

I take a pregnancy test {negative} = nausea

I sleep = shooting stomach pains

I wake up = nausea

I did the “one pill for two weeks”- thing and the last day of the two weeks I felt normal. But, yesterday had to up the dose to “two pills a day- one at lunch and one a bed time.”

I took 1/2 a pill at lunch and oh mylanta!, you would have thought I was preggo with the bloating that ensued {so I had to remind myself that babies don’t grow in 4 hours}. Then came the gas, then came the burping. UCK!

Needless to say, I am not looking forward to more pills today. Heck, I am not even looking forward to eating. Nothing sounds good to me and nothing seems to keep that nausea at bay.

But I am going to keep living, praying, trying and pill-popping right a long with you all.

God bless! 🙂